Marilyn Merlot

Merlot, the great grape of Bordeaux, was much maligned after the 2004 movie Sideways character Miles the wine snob soundly criticized it with his now infamous refusal to quaff this grape. However, the blow to the merlot industry has only inspired producers to up their game and the merlots being produced today are truly outstanding. Some of these wines have even generated cult followings such as the Marilyn Merlot from Marilyn Wines and these wines sell out quickly every year. We have assembled a unique world tasting of merlot beginning with ones that, honestly, folks usually hoard away in their cellars and dare not touch. But we will definitely try them! This is a merlot tasting you will not want to miss.

Marilyn Merlot
Saturday, April 8
7:00 pm
Hosted by Rebecca Knutson
1116 8th St S, Fargo

$25 members
$30 non-members

please RSVP by Thursday, April 6