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On Mach 27, 2004, something special happened in the basement level of the Black Building in downtown Fargo. My friend, Mike Jore and I, organized our first meeting of the Red River Valley American Wine Society. That tasting drew a dozen or so interested folks who assembled to learn about and taste the Syrah grape. Since that fateful day in March, we have met over 160 times to learn about and enjoy this wonderful thing we call wine. Wine appreciation through education is our mission and that continues today stronger and more fun than ever.

Join us on Saturday, March 9 as we celebrate our anniversary and continue our tradition of education and tasting as we explore the world of Petite Sirah. First planted in the 19th century in California, the petite sirah grape was a mystery for a very long time. It wasn’t until 1997 that the grape was identified as being genetically identical to the durif grape in France. Petite sirah was long used as a blending grape for what was known as ‘Burgundy’ in California. The grape grows as small, compact berries with a very high skin-to-juice ratio that results in an almost inky-dark color and high tannins. This allows petite sirah to have a great aging potential. As a stand alone varietal, petite sirah in California outshines its twin in France. It produces a relatively acidic wine with herbal and black pepper components complimenting the dark fruits. We will be exploring wines made from this grape sourced from around the world.

PS I Love You – Petite Sirah
Saturday, March 16, 7:00 pm
Hosted by Rupak and Britney Gandhi
7499 16th St S, Fargo, ND, 58104

$25 members, $35 non-members

Please RSVP by Thursday, March 14