tiny bubbles – NOT SO TINY TASTE

The 2017 Red River Valley American Wine Society tastings will kick off with an effervescent evening of wine and education. Our theme is all about bubbles. We will have twelve different wines for you to sample. And I do mean different. Not a one of them is champagne. You’ll be able to sip some delicious and interesting wines from regions you might never have have imagined could produce sparkling wines. And, yes, you can make delicious bubbly wines from big bold red grapes that will cause you to rethink your notions of what comes out of the bottle after popping the cork.

tiny bubbles – NOT SO TINY TASTE
Red River Valley AWS tasting
Saturday, February 11, 2017 @ 7:00 pm
Hosted by Greg and Lisa Cook
1338 10th St S, Fargo

members $25
non-members $30

If you can rsvp by Thursday, Feb 9, that would be great.