Zinfandel – the great “American” grape

old-zinZinfandel has a long history in America. It was brought to New York in 1820 by a fellow named George Gibbs from cuttings he obtained in Austria. By the 1850’s the grape was being cultivated in nurseries and made it’s way to Napa and Sonoma valleys. It once was the most planted varietal in California and made it’s way into most of the red “jug” wines that dominated in the middle of the 20th century. It has become adopted as an American grape. It is also the same grape as Primativo in Italy and both trace their roots to beginnings in Croatia.

My, how this grape has grown up. California is riddled with century old zinfandel plantings with gnarly trunks that produce some spectacular wines. Please join us for an evening of zinfandels that are true to delight all palates. What better way to celebrate Flag day than with some truly great American sins.

Zinfandel – the great “American” grape
Saturday, June 14, 7:00 pm
Hosted by Rebecca Knutson
1116 8th St S, Fargo

$25 members/$30 non-members

Please RSVP by Thursday, June 12.