Pinot Noir

pnMade famous by the movie Sideways about the Santa Barbara wine region, the delicate and versatile Pinot Noir grape calls Burgundy, France home. But now it’s grown across the world and boy does it express terroir and regional differences. Several places around the world have emerged as producers of high quality wine from this finicky grape; Russian River Valley and Carneros in California, Oregon, New Zealand, and even Switzerland and South Africa. Typically grown in cooler regions, this grape is light bodied with low tannins and can express a very wide range of flavors depending on the region and the climate.  Come join us as we explore the world of Pinot Noir.

PLEASE NOTE: We will start this tasting one hour earlier than normal.

Pinot Noir 
Saturday, June 8, 6:00 pm
Hosted by Bob and Deb Grosz
Dakota Vines Vineyard and Winery
17355 Co Rd 4, Colfax, ND 58018
$25 members • $35 nonmembers
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